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Treating cavities in Quincy

Quincy dental treatment
Quincy dental treatment

It is always preferable, though not always possible, to prevent cavities entirely. Here at Coldwater Family Dentistry P.C., we are committed to treating cavities by placing a filling as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that the more time a cavity goes unaddressed, the more at risk you are for complications. Among them are toothaches, infection, root canal, and tooth removal. All of that can be avoided with the timely administering of our Quincy dental treatment.

Brushing twice per day, when you wake up and again at bedtime, along with thorough flossing also before bed, is the accepted strategy for dealing with dental plaque, the filmy substance that is responsibilities for decaying tooth and forming cavities. Some plaque often manages to escape your toothbrush and your floss, though. It then hardens, turning into tartar, which is just as much a hazard to your teeth. Unfortunately, though, tartar cannot be effectively removed with at-home oral hygiene. When you come in for your six month checkup at our office, you will get a teeth cleaning to adequately manage tartar. But what of any cavities that occurred in the meantime? That’s when you need our Quincy dental treatment. Putting in a filling is a fairly simple thing. There’s some drilling required in order to suitably fit the material into the space. Among the materials that are used for our Quincy dental treatment are ceramic and composite, both of which match you tooth color near perfectly, and will have longevity. The most obvious sign of a cavity is a toothache, but you might also notice sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. It’s also possible that you won’t realize it at all. And that’s why you should come in two times per year for a checkup and x-rays.

Treating cavities is a key part of promoting and maintaining oral wellness. Call us to set up an appointment.

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