Detroit toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Detroit

They seem to come on without warning, and when they do, toothaches draw your full attention. It’s difficult to focus on anything else. Getting timely care here at Coldwater Family Dentistry, P.C. is crucial. Don’t make the mistake of trying to wait it out or hoping it goes away without treatment. Your body is telling you something, and you need to take it seriously.

Detroit toothache

Cavities are closely associated with having a Detroit toothache. And while they are one of the common causes, they are not the only one. A chipped or cracked tooth might also be responsible. And if you have any fillings that have been put in previously, they might eventually come loose or fall out. If so, you have the same danger as a new cavity would pose. Fortunately, if a cavity is the reason for your Detroit toothache, the solution is both simple and fast. A new filling can be put in during the course of a single session. Chipped or cracked tooth require a dental crown for a remedy. You will need to come back for a second visit, however. During the first, impressions are taken for the dental lab to use, and you will be given a temporary crown to protect the tooth. When you return, the permanent crown is placed. The reason that we urge you to act quickly, though, is that you at risk for an infection inside your tooth from any of the above causes. The sooner you get treatment, the less likely it is that you will sustain an infection. If one does occur, you will need root canal therapy.

Our goal is to relieve your Detroit toothache right away, and ultimately to save your tooth. Do not hesitate to call our office when you notice any pain in your tooth.