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Treating toothaches in Detroit

Detroit emergency dentist
Detroit emergency dentist

A toothache could be mild, excruciating, or in between. In all cases, though, it should be taken care of in a timely manner. At Coldwater Family Dentistry P.C., we treat the pain in your tooth with the sense of urgency that it requires.

The way that our Detroit emergency dentist treats your toothache will depend on what the reason is for it. You should absolutely not wait for an examination and treatment. Don’t try to tough it out. Pain is there for a reason. It’s alerting you to a problem, and the longer you go without having it taken care of, the worse the outcome is likely to be. For example, a simple cavity can be remedied with a filling, but if an infection sets in, you will need root canal therapy instead. Other than cavities, the most common reasons for a toothache that brings you to see our Detroit emergency dentists are loose and lost fillings, and chipped and cracked teeth. All of them are the result of a breach in the protective barriers of your tooth, which has allowed the nerve to be irritated. Bacteria may get inside, and the infection that comes about due to that is responsible for the treatment shifting to root canal. Don’t be worried, though. The procedure is done under sufficient local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout. And best of all, you’ll get to keep your tooth. The worst case scenario of a toothache is an extraction. You’ll be left with empty space where you used to have a tooth, which can allow other teeth to shift, cause discomfort, and throw your occlusion (bite) out of alignment. Your chewing might also be less efficient.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office immediately for a toothache. Our Detroit emergency dentist is prepared to take care of it promptly.

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