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Dentist office in Detroit

If you thought you needed one Detroit dentist to handle the fundamentals, and others to replace teeth, offer cosmetic treatments, root canals, and expert pediatric care, then we at Coldwater Family Dentistry P.C are pleased to offer some great news: at our practice, not only can you get all of the above, and more, but it’s all done with the skilled precision and gentle treatment that you demand.

It’s always wiser to avoid needing those dental services that can be prevented, such as addressing cavities and gum disease. In order to put the odds in your favor, you should come to see our Detroit dentist every six months for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning. If any cavities have formed, getting them filled right away is essential to keeping them from leading to consequences like a toothache or an infection. And a professional cleaning removes tartar buildup and residual plaque that your at-home oral hygiene missed. Getting one twice per year means that you are less likely to get future cavities, plus early stage gum disease is reversed with a cleaning. Our Detroit dentist places crowns, or caps, as well as bridges and dentures for the restoration of lost teeth. You can also benefit from advanced dental implants. Root canals and extractions might not be the ideal outcome, but sometimes they are unavoidable. When that’s the case, you’ll know that you’re getting experienced attention here, and that the procedure will be done with the utmost of comfort for you. Make your teeth look better, too, with whitening and veneers. We’re also pleased to offer night guards, and for those who are nervous or have other issues, sedation dentistry keeps you relaxed and at ease.

Contact our office today and let us schedule you or your child for a visit with our Detroit dentist.

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