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Cold Water Dental Implants

Teeth replacement in Cold Water

Cold Water dental implants

Cold Water dental implants

If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, and you are thinking about getting dental implants, you will definitely want to visit us at our dental practice, Brady, Grife & Koyl. You will be able to meet with one of our top-notch dentists to see if you are a good candidate for Cold Water dental implants.

Just one of our expert and highly trained dentists is Dr. Scott K. Brady; Dr. Brady will be able to assess your individual oral health situation and let you know if you are a good candidate for getting dental implants. In order to get dental implants, our dentist will need to assess the health of your jawbone. To successfully hold the dental implant, the jawbone must need to be healthy enough to fully heal from the dental implant surgery. It also must be able to be strong enough and thick enough to tightly fuse to the dental implant. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for the procedure, our dentist will be able to surgically insert a dental implant titanium root for each tooth that is going to be replaced. There will then be a healing period of several months during which time the jawbone will fully heal, and the dental implant will become strongly fused to the jawbone. Once our dentist determines that the healing time has completed, he will be able to permanently attach a porcelain crown to each dental implant root. At this point, your Cold Water dental implants are complete, and you will be able to smile, eat, and talk in total confidence, once again. You will be able to eat anything you want including corn on the cob and steak without needing to worry that your dental implants will loosen, shift, or embarrass you in any way. If well taken care of with regular tooth brushing and flossing, and with periodic dental cleanings at our practice, your dental implants should last a lifetime.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist regarding getting Cold Water dental implants, contact us today.

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