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49036 Kids Dentist

Coldwater kids dental care

49036 kids dentist

49036 kids dentist

Much as with adults, the key to great kids dental care is prevention. At Brady, Grife & Koyl, we think that a trip to the dentist should be pleasant, comfortable, and free of anxiety for both you and your child. That’s why our 49036 kids dentist has made it the mission of our office to achieve and maintain a welcoming, non-threatening atmosphere that is about smiles and not frowns.

A positive association with dentistry later in life starts with the earliest experiences. The very first visit that your child has here will revolve around getting acquainted with our 49036 kids dentist, our staff, and the equipment and tools in our office. The more familiar that she or he is, the more comfortable the experience will be. His or her first dental exam includes x-rays for a more complete look at what is going on inside your child’s teeth. In addition, our pediatric dentist will also check her or his gums and jaw. The session is capped with a teeth cleaning, in order to eliminate any plaque, tartar, and food remnants that are stuck between your child’s teeth or in the gum pockets. All of this is designed to keep cavities from forming and to preserve the well-being of your child’s gums.

Education is also a big part of our relationship with you and your child. Between the recommended twice-yearly dental exams, our 49036 kids dentist wants you to have the best information possible to support the optimal dental health of your child. This includes tips on preventing tooth decay, how to deal with teething, the vital role that good nutrition plays, and the benefits of fluoride treatments. Depending on your child’s risk factors, heredity, and overall dental health, it may be a good idea to bring him or her in more often than every six months.

Bear in mind that dental care can be more complex for your child due to the fact that primary (baby) teeth will fall out on a certain schedule and then permanent (adult) teeth will grow in later. Our 49036 kids dentist will work closely with you to ensure that your child’s teeth stay strong and in good shape so that the delicate schedule is not disturbed.

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